For a relatively fresh band, Walt Disco have already earned a reputation for their flamboyant live shows and androgynous, new romantic inspired attire.

Walt Disco in the simplest form are a five-piece from Glasgow who combine shimmering indie-pop melodies, artsy aesthetics with wry social commentary creating a beautifully legit vibe, uniquely  their own!




How did the band originate?

We formed on the first day we all moved to Glasgow!



Bowie, The Associates, and St. Vincent to name a few!


Anything significant happened in your lives today, this week, or year?

I had a Bhindi Bhaji for dinner from this amazing curry shop!


Walt Disco is a cool name!

Thankyou! We are waiting for the lawsuit to arrive any day now…


What interests your cool, in depth writing of sexuality?

Writing about my sexuality and the broader issues that queer people encounter is very important to me!


The social commentary within your lyrics are magnificently acute, yet packed with a positively approach of emotion.

Thankyou that’s very lovely of you!


For example, ‘No Need For A Curtain’ was inspired by a documentary about prostitutes in my home town of Leeds, right?

You’ve done your research! It is, they are extremely strong and interesting women. I would encourage anyone to watch it!

In what aspect does fashion play a part in your creativity?

I like to dress up if I’m in the studio or writing a song, it helps me get creative!


How do you ‘sell out’ these days, or what is main stream??

If you are making music purely for other people and not yourself.


Is there anything left to rebel against?

Most definitely! Hate, sexism, Bolsonaro, Trump, Tories, Homophobia, Animal cruelty. The list goes on and on!


Dream Girl number 2 sounds so good. ‘Mac Demarco sound with David Bowie’. I truly dig the sentiments of the song.

That is very kind of you! Though, we did not intend to sound like Mac Demarco haha.

How do you CONCEIVE your songs?

It’s different every single time.


What is the best and worst aspect of being in band?

Best: Making music.

Worst: Being skint.


How does it feel to be young?

I imagine it’s better than being old.


Tips for artistic travel in Scotland?

Go stay a few days in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae.


Please tell me more about Neelam Khan Vela (Dream Girl 2 video, director) please?

She’s a very kind, genuine, and talented person. Love her to bits!


The future is…?

Extremely uncertain.




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