Nowadays, not many of us seem to notice the best new sound alerts, since we listen and receive a lot of music, via the usual ‘musical catalogue’ suspects. The fact that Farai’s creating music, like if The Prodigy was happening now is astounding yet certainly required.

Already an icon created by mysterious powers; It’s not simply about her style, but attitude. Within her art there is an idea, a melody and unique sound for our ears. This is ‘Punk’ yet, in reality undefinable and it’s a cool answer to cynical critics lamenting the decline of authentic art within modern music.


‘Farai’s Colorful Post-Punk Is What You Need To Get Through Today’ –Fader magazine


Faraiisa Zimbabwean-British artist, writer, poet and ‘self taught’ musicianwhodoes not forfeit the‘struggles’ as a black artist but in contrast feeds from the multiple advantages, such struggles have ‘enhanced’ her creativity providing the ingredients of ‘spice and flavour’.


Her ‘weapon of freedom’ is her art, which she certainly uses to embrace and represent both ‘the underground and commercial aspects of the black concept’ leaving a trail of self explanatory work geared to inspire change.


Farai leaves no doubts that she is certainly an artist who suffers for her creativity inspiring listeners ‘To be you, be free, create, create, change the world.’


‘At the beginning when we started collaborating I didn’t have a clue about instruments and equipment’


There is no better example of this than in the track ‘Lion Warrior’, which she explained, represented ‘resilience and boldness’. This is euphorically experienced through sheer force inher delivery of repetitive rejoicingmantras, «I’m a warrior» and «I roll with the Hell’s Angels».


‘Be you, be free, create, create, change the world’.



Together with her producer, Tone she creates sounds that’s ‘vivid and sparse, as if it was painted in thick brush strokes of primary colors blizzard of cool collage sounds’.


Many media outlets have described her sound as electronic post-punk, which is fair as synths are ‘ongoing trait’ of the EP. In reason, like all great artists her work is undefinable.


‘Art is liberating. Breathing is art’


I asked Farai about her collaboration with NTS, who are undoubtedly one of the best digital radio stations in Europe at the moment, which she found ‘very groundbreaking for her music career.’


Farai’s debut EP Kisswell will be released on NON Worldwide this month. Berlin fans can see her support Princess Nokia on April 18.



Could you please tell me a little about yourselves?

My name is Farai. I live in London. My creative process is writer, poet, musician, artist.



How did you and Tone meet?

Tone and I were linked by Tones brother Jacob, around two years ago. The rest is history.




Anything in particular what inspires you both to create art or simply live?

I love art. My creative process helps me everyday to come up with new concepts and topics to write about in my music.





How do you create your art, I.E instruments, technology and equipment.

Tone is very good with technical aspect of our music. At the beginning when we started collaborating I didn’t have a clue about instruments and equipment. But after years of gigs I have had to learn to be hands on. At the moment for the ‘Kisswell’ EP synths are an ongoing trait in all of the songs.


Your have proclaimed that ‘Art is the weapon of freedom’ What inspired such a statement?

Art is liberating. Breathing is art. Creating and being able to call myself an artist is what helped me come up with the statement. Art is the weapon of freedom. Be you, be free, create, create, change the world.



You have come a long way in terms of both personal progression and ability to craft music. Could you please explain how and why NTS came to produce, ‘Lion Warrior’ for the video?


NTS is one of the best digital radio stations in the world at the moment. I have been following their radio station for a while now and respect their work ethic. Collaborating was very ground breaking for our musical career.


‘As black artists we really felt self representation is important.’ Can you help explain this from your point of you such importance and how you intend to represent yourselves?


We hope to represent ourselves as artists who have a back catalogue of work that is self explanatory. Being a black artist is a struggle but it doesn’t effect the creative process. It enhances it. It gives it spice and flavour.


Can you disclose the title of the upcoming EP?

The title of the upcoming EP is ‘Kisswell’. It is dedicated to my late father.



You teamed up with director Akinola Davies Jr to create ‘a portrait of black fearlessness’ for the video, ‘Lion warrior’. Could you outline the ideas, concept behind and within the video?

The ‘Lion warrior’ video has two meanings to it. It’s a black market concept. The underground and commercial aspect


‘We all need to be supported by one another. So that our youngers are encouraged to create too’. Sounds perfect! However, could I ask you about how we can put this into practise and lay into effect?

I believe in being part of the community; as an artist I suffer for my art.







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