Fili studies painting in Auth Fine Arts School. Photography and cinema are her kind of  stuff.

Here we share a short interview with our editor Elis Talis.





When did you start photographing and why?
I started photographing six years ago. Photography is just an extension of my paintings, as I experience it.

Which is your favourite subject to photograph?
Horniness and lament are my bipolar visual borders, as well as pillars of life adhoc. We came into this world by horny people, we drive out of this universe accompanied by tears. But not every hard-on originates from the same place, now does it? Some hard-ons are made out of pure love, a self-sacrificial one. Same with laments, a lament for Killah P is a whole different thing from any other lament.
It’ s all about politics, you see, art is always about that.

Are your double exposured photos planed or «hapy accidents»?
Yeap, they ‘re planned. But, me, I ‘m a happy accident, my mother tells me.

Apart from your photographic work, is there any other field that you are working on?
I shoot films.

Tell us about your project «your daily pieta».
There is a heart-wrecking fact about grief; there’s no big drama about it, no huge explosions or nuclear catastrophes, but a much more horrible truth; a slow, penetrating, daily wear-out of the soul, a peeling. I find the contradiction of the daily routine and the unacknowledged pietà of a mother or daughter,or a sister, really, very appealing to circulate one’s mind around. Not death itself, but the day(s) after, memorabilia of personal stuff that are outrageously far more immortal than the dying beloved. And then, surrounding walls, politics, streets you walk in; it’s not the grief that is unbearable the person that laments, bur rather every other thing this person encounters.
To make a short story long, pietà is merely an everyday documentation of the tactility of the aforementioned phenomena.

What are you working on at the moment?
I was planning on beheading capitalism, instead I ‘m now working on financing my new film. Both implausible tasks.



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