Τell me some things that we need to know about you and your work.
I’m an American living in Berlin. I’m both a theatre-maker and a photographer, and those practices feed off of each other. I make theatre because I love to collaborate and make work on a visceral level. With photography, I don’t have to compromise and can work independently.  I was formally trained in theatre and have self-taught myself how to photograph.

Which is your favourite subject to photograph?
I like to photograph people, especially friends and family. I get my best imagery when someone gets comfortable enough with me to ignore the camera. I also love photographing homes and domestic scenes. I’m really curious and I love going through people’s houses (my mom is a realtor in Philadelphia so I grew up looking through people’s closets).


Your photos have an interesting and bizare light, how do you achive that?
I try to mix daylight and flash as much as possible. I shoot almost exclusively with flash, especially when it’s unnecessary.
Is your work based on the inspiration of the moment or thoughtfull preperation?
I like to shoot both ways. Most of the time, it’s in-the-moment. I carry my camera with me truly everywhere, and am always on the lookout for interesting imagery. If I get bored doing that, I’ll set up my studio lights and shoot something more considered. Because of Berlin’s climate, my shots are usually more candid in the spring and summer, when I’m out more, and more considered and set-up in the fall and winter. I like this balance.
Which artists influenced you the most in the progress of creating your personal style?
I’m influenced by a bunch of people. I absolutely die for David Hockney. His framing and use of created light are really thrilling. I really like the playwright August Wilson, I can say that he’s inspired me to make work that is more humane and representational (or metaphorical). I’m obsessed with the idea of ‘casting’, or what a person represents (not necessarily who they are). I love changing the facts about someone through one photography. I also am incredibly inspired by the painter Archibald Motley. through him, I’ve been inspired to make studio work that is multi-focused and crafted, using elements from theatre and photography to create very considered scenes.
Describe your work with 3 words.
Candid, delicate, considered.
Do you have a new project in mind?
I’ve recently started shooting with a macro lens, so I expect I’ll be framing subjects a lot smaller while trying to apply the same light principles that I’ve been working with. I also will start working more with a ladder, I’m dying to get a different heigh perspective while street shooting.

Elis Talis
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