Danae Panagiotidi is a photographer and psychology student based in Athens, Greece.




When was the first time that you used an analog camera and why have you choosen to work with it?
Around 2012 I found my dad’s old film camera and I wanted to give it a try. After that shooting film was inevitable. I love the process. I like it because there are limitations such as a specific number of frames so I try to do my best on every single shot.




I have noticed your big amount of photos in your page, are they a result of extensive preperation or more like an effect of the moment?
I carry my camera with me all the time so most of the time is the result of the moment.



Who or what is your favourite project to photograph and why?
Nothing specific. Things that I see in my daily life and I find interesting.I like to photograph people and places, and I find really interesting the connection between a person or subject and the space that surrounds it.



Which things, wich people and artists influenced you the most in developing your personal style?
I would say Nan Goldin and William Eggleston.



Your photos are like a journal of your daily life, do you think that if you lived in another country that would change your style?
Not really. I think my style would be quite much the same no matter where I am.



Is there something that you are working on at the moment?
There is not something specific at the moment, I just continue to go out and shoot.









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