Josi Arias (ex Los Cripis)

‘Aqua Viva’ is the personal project of Josi Arias, whom gained recognition with the brilliant band, ‘Los Cripis’ writing minimalist masterpieces, filled with poetic lyrics, delivered with an ushered, heartfelt emotion.


The vibe of Agua Viva has been described as dreamscape, nouveau pop, combined and influenced by Tropicalia, minimalism and 90s alternative vibes.


Interview by Nicolas Ellis.


Was it a cost issue as to why you recorded at home?
Well, I made the demos of the songs at home, and then I tried to record the material at a better quality, at a «profesional» studio, with more people involved, but I ultimately felt that while the quality of sound was better, something was lost in the process and seemed colder. I found that I actually liked my demos more, even despite the sound being a bit more precarious. I also felt comfortable doing it on my own, since it gave me more freedom to work on the songs any time I wanted. I was also able to take advantage of the benefits of recording in a more intimate space and in the privacy of my home. So I decided to record everything on my own, and then it was mixed by a friend from London. 
How is life in New York; why there and why leave Argentina?
Life in NY is fun, but also tough – something that I like anyway. Sometimes it’s stressful, but I’m from a big city too, so I kind of feel comfortable in big cities. It also inspires me, since I like the music scene and there are a lot of amazing artist here. It can be a mess, but I feel comfortable, and I know a lot of nice people.
What do you enjoy most about being a solo performer?
I love the freedom that being solo represents. I love that it became a challenge, since it was something new for me. I also like that I can work on my project at any time, making it easier to travel and without having to agree with anyone else. I feel less tied down, and it makes it more fun!
How does this project differentiate from ‘Los cripis’?
In terms of sound, this project really uses more effects: electronic drums and keyboards, components that Cripis didn’t have. Also the tracks have base, and there are more layers. I would describe it as more femme, goth and dreamy.
Nicolas Ellis
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