Cold Turkey:
The unpleasant state that drug addicts experience when they suddenly stop taking a drug; a way of treating drug addicts that makes them experience this state. 

source: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary


Silence. The steep naked mountains mesmerize me. I stay still. My thoughts get paralyzed. Frozen images from the past cross my mind. Everything seems like a well-orchestrated theater in an irrational show that never ends. I feel uncomfortable out there. I am hiding under a mask, shivering in sheer pain. My skin is dry, ready to smash into pieces. The darkness becomes my refuge, the place of oblivion. I watch the world through a distance as if it was a fish tank a colorful place made of a different substance than me. I try to escape. I run away. An invisible cloak surrounds me. Beneath it, an eerie luminous place dazzles me. I am drifting away.


Τhis project was realized during the period 2015-2017.






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