Harry Masouras is a photographer from Athens, Greece.



Who or what inspired you on taking up photography?

I had been always interested in photography and film cameras especially the way they look aesthetically
so a few years ago I discovered in my dad’s closet his old canon slr and a polaroid sx70 and i realized I wanted to start taking pictures.



When did that mass photography work start and why?

it started 5 years ago and it was/is more likely a need to document objects or places in my daily life i find interesting


Your work could be easily described as photojournal,
was that the purpose of it from the very first time you decided to photograph?

Υes , definately my body of work is like a photo journal …Ι’ ve done seperate projects in the past but ive never had something specific in my mind
i prefer collecting pictures for instance and then try to put them all together as a project
and like i said above i like documenting my everyday life and defining my own perspective using the Athenian urban landscape


Have you ever tried any other artistic ways of expression?

I ‘ve tried collage and video in the past and i would like to use these mediums more in the future

Name 3 artist that have influenced you the most.

Really hard to mention just three but first names that come to mind are Man Ray , William Eggleston and Boris Mikhailov.


Is there a future project in your plans?

I would love to make a big roadtrip in Europe and shoot as much film as i could.





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